The new Mat|r 1.3 version is here!

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    We have news!

    There’s a new function in the platform: now you’ll have access to Mat|r applications and libraries so you can edit the code and create your own apps.

    Cooperating with the developers’ community has never been easier: you can share your apps in the HUB by activating the ‘fork’, so other users can copy and use your application.

    Access here to learn how to make modifications as well as how to check an existing code or use it as training within Mat|r.

    We also have new Mat|r Viewer updates that you’ll love!

    Access your profile and select the organization you are participating in easily.
    Explore organizations, projects and applications without difficulty.
    Select your favorite apps or those you’ve been working on recently for a faster access.
    Dev functions with diverse options are available to help you during the development of your application.

    Finally, we introduce our new forum. This is the right place to share your experiences and collaborate with the community. Join in!