We have implemented a new feature that will be very useful for your apps: Push notifications!

  • Push notifications are a very important feature that can help improve user conversion rate.

    Push notifications allow you to keep users informed and help improve engagement. When push notifications are implemented, you can interact with users based on the information you have about them.

    Push notifications are not intrusive, and if well used they are one of the best loyalty marketing tools for mobile applications.

    It is very easy to implement this functionality in Mat|r:
    Through the broker.pn.* services you can access the functionalities provided by Mat|r to receive push notifications from Android and iOS devices.

    You can set your applications to receive notifications through any push notification server, but it is especially easy if you set it to use Firebase Cloud Messaging services.
    This feature introduces a new built-in Notification model and a new module named PushNotificationModule where we can overwrite methods that respond to events in the notification flow.